Certification Together

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IP Blocks

ALTERA makes important efforts to support DO254 users in general. They also released a DO-254 certifiable soft processor: NIOS II_SC. This safety-critical version is provided through their partner Hcell Engineering. The NIOS II_SC package was developed under DO-254 design assurance levels, as well as a safety analysis in accordance with Appendix B of the DO-254 guidelines. Read more about this IP and DO254 activities on the ALTERA website.

BARCO-Silex developed and validated the "BA511" according to the RTCA/DO-254 ED-80 guidelines, then licensed it. The BA511 is a multi-channel ARINC 429 transmitter and receiver core for serial communication in airborne applications. Read more about this DO254 compliant IP on the BARCO website.