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We are a group of industry players in the field of Airborne electronics and Electronic Design Automation:

  • Aerospace companies,
  • Certification Experts and Trainers,
  • Tool vendors,
  • Component Manufacturers,
  • Subcontractors...
  • DO254 User Group

    We decided to work together in order to save time for understanding and management of DO-254 projects.

    We want to improve the applicants knowledge level and support the challenges of both EASA / FAA certification. DO-254 introduced a lot of confusion and uncertainty from customers related to consistency of applying DO-254 across the board. We saw a culture change and want to facilitate and understand the value and share lessons learned.

    We know that what’s required between programs can be radically different. We understand that every Project, every DER, every audit has a different story!

    The initiative is animated by Assystem Technologies for Europe, and is animated by Patmos (FAA DER) for US.

    In this group we discuss best (or good) practices among other things : certification issues, feedbacks and crossed experiences, discussions between stakeholders (see below), DO-254 oriented tool improvements, additional packages for COTS and IPs, clarification requests sent to the Certification Authorities (CAST),...

    Equivalent User Groups will be launched in 2011 for DO178C (Software), ARP4754A (Aircraft & Complex Systems) and other updated standards, in the framework of the Certification Together initiative.

    Who can join ?

    Additional companies can join if :

  • They are users on projects (aircraft or engine manufacturers, system or equipment suppliers)
  • They have experience of DAL A/B projects
  • They have experience of audits in several contexts (EASA, FAA, TCCA,...)
  • The representative proposed has the proper technical skills and availability for the topics we discuss,
  • They can host about 1 meeting every 2 years on their site.