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Welcome to the DO254 User website

The RTCA DO-254 / Eurocae ED-80 document provides guidance for design assurance of airborne electronic hardware from conception through initial certification and subsequent post certification product improvements to ensure continued airworthiness.

DO-254 objectives, and what is beyond the DO-254 document itself (Issue Papers or Certification Review Items, Aircraft manufacturer directives,...) can represent important challenges for equipment suppliers and their subcontractors.

For a company with hardware projects already underway, and future projects in the roadmap, managers have to:

  • Identify what is the current project or process situation, compared to the DO-254 objectives,
  • Review, then improve or define compliant industrial processes,
  • Manage projects with additional and new objectives.
  • Integrate tools usage into this new context, and consider tool qualification aspects,
  • Find good trainings for teams, then train the teams,
  • Find subcontractors understanding DO-254 objectives, and put in place an effective way to manage subcontracting.

    After all these efforts, will you get the right level of confidence before the certification audits ?

  • On this site you will find flexible solutions coming from the expertise of Consulting companies and Tool editors, with the objective to make the objectives defined in the RTCA DO-254 document easier to meet.

    We also created a unique "DO254 User Group", joining aerospace companies, experts, tool vendors and component manufacturers, in which participants bring their experience and learn from others. To learn more about this initiative, visit the User Group page.

    We want to make this site as helpful as possible for you. Your suggestions are welcome


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    DO254 Training session in Toulouse (France)

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    Short Term Events

    Next event 2019: Certification Together International Conference (CTIC), Toulouse, France

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